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A visit of an old friend
Release time:2013-07-30 Publisher:admin
  Back in may,we warmly welcomed our old friend Mr.F to visit our factory.
  Mr.F is one of our most important clients.Also,he is one of our regular customers.Compared to call him our client,we would prefer to call him our old friend,because we are in business with each other for so many years that we have already become friend.
  His visit with his baby daughter to our company lasted for one month.During his stay,we not only showed him our factory but also other places of interest.We reviewed all the pleasure experiences of our previous cooperation and at the same time,we also made some new plans for our future cooperation.
  We were very glad that they really had a good time with us.We are looking forward to their future visits.Above all,we would like to express our sincere appreciation to his continuous confidence and supports of our company.We are firmly convinced that we will have a promising future of cooperation with him.