Flare Ignition Device
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  1.Flare Ignition Device
  HPY series Flare Ignition Device is a special equipment to handle the invaded gas of the drilling fluid.It can
  effectively burn the harmful gas to eliminate the harm to environment.Flare ignition device from HEAVY has
  been widely used in oil&gas drilling project and has won praises from our clients from its timely,efficient
  performance.There are two operation types of our flare ignition devices:wired remote control and wireness
  remote control.
  Oil&gas well drilling---solids control system
  Horizontal directional drilling(HDD)&Shield tunnelling---slurry circulating system
  Mining&Environment---slurry separation system
  Coal bed methane(CBM)&Geothermal well drilling---fluids cleaning system
  3.Advantages of HEAVY Petroleum Drilling Mud Solid Control System
  1.)Good stability and durable
  2.)Improved drilling fluid recovery
  3.)Longer screen life
  4.)Be capable of managing reactive,sticky,or fine solids
  5.)Unique linear-motion shaker
  6.)Operators&environment friendly
  7.)Outstanding corrosion resistent
  8.)Cost effective method of re-cycling drilling muds
  9.)Reduces cost of supplying fresh mud
  10.)Avoids cost of disposing of liquid waste
  4.Models&Parameters of HEAVY Flare Ignition Device

型号Model HPY-15/2.5 HPY-20/3
Ignition pipe diameter
DN150mm DN200mm
Flare IGNITION device hight
2.5m 3m
Ignition voltage
17Kv 16Kv
Ignition frequency

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