Chemical Pump
Release time:2020-11-25 Publisher:admin
  IH type single-stage single-priming cantilever chemical centrifugal pump is a energy-saving substitute for F type corrosion resistant pump of new generation,it is widely used in the fields of chemical,petrochemical,metallurgical industries,foot stuff,syntheic fiber,to conveny corrosive or viscous liquid similar to water,pump inlet pressure shall not exceed 0.3MPa.It can convery media with temperature-20℃-105℃,adopt necessary cooling measures if higher temperature demand.
  1.High efficiency
  2.Save energy
  3.Reasonable structure
  4.Stable behaviour
  5.Widely used
  6.Safety without leakage and easy to maintenance
  This product is suitable for pumping clean or slightly polluted liquid,low or high temperature liquid,neutral or corrosive liquid.
  It is mainly used in
  In refineries,petrochemical industry,coal processing and low temperature engineering
  Oil refinery,coal processing industry Chemical industry,paper-making,sugar-making industry
  Water supply plant,sea water desalination factory
  Power station
  Environmental protection engineering
  In ship and offshore industries